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Indulge in your hobbies

Why blog?

What's better than having someone validate the way you feel? You feel understood and empowered given that clarity. That's why I created Sunrise Pages. I was inspired by fellow readers with social media platforms that document their reactions and voice their opinions on what they read. I want my book blog to be a part of that community.

You needed to put the book down after the ending of that chapter to process? So did I. You need a better understanding of hidden a meaning in that sentence? Let's check out a YouTube video that has chapter breakdowns. Can you believe what that character did? Let's talk about it!

What to expect from Sunrise Pages

On this blog you can expect book reviews, blog posts with random thoughts I want to share, reading spots, coffee shop recommendations, and bookstores other than your local Barnes & noble.

I challenge you

Indulge in your hobby! There's plenty to pick from. Find the one that works for you. If it improves your mood, go for it! Commit to it & find a way to INDULGE in it.

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