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“And the truth is, you like my brand of insanity"

From Blood and Ash

This is the first book series I picked up and what kicked off my love for reading. Fantasy Romance is definitely my niche. I think what really got me hooked was how each book ended with a plot twist. I immediately was driving to go buy the next book. Reading the relationship between Hawke and Poppy was beautiful. Also, we love a strong leading female. Poppy is simply, that bitch. Yes, I loved the Romance between Poppy and Hawke, but I also loved how there was focus of the friendships they build with others. They become just as important as the two main characters. I cried when certain ones died. I'm patiently waiting for book 5 to be released. 

From Blood and Ash Series


I'll be honest, while I was reading the first book, I was very bored and felt as though the series is underwhelming compared to the hype it receives. Tamlin just wasn't giving. The Feyre and Tamlin relationship was putting me to sleep but then.....Rhysand came into the picture. That He'll wake you up for sure. You'll become attached to the characters. They have so much love and passion for their court, house and people that Rhysand sacrifices years of his life as a slave. The world building is top tier. My favorite book of the five would be A Court of Silver Flames. It is the last book and the main characters pov switch. It is refreshing because I always wondered about Nesta and all she's endured as Feyre's sister. She went from a mortal life to being the key component in the immortal one. I didn't want the series to end! A definite reread in the future. 5 star.

A Court of Thorns and Roses


Holy shit! talk about a plot twist. I recommend getting the hard cover version of the book with the extra chapter. I love the dark take Colleen Hoover went with this book. It was a complete mind fuck and had me processing after reading. The plot was wild and twisted and I loved every second of it. You think it'll be romantic, but you won't be prepared for the twists and turns in this book. 


A tocu of Darkness.jpg

A Touch of Darkness


MILES HAS TO GO. I give this book a 2.5-star rating. I completely understand his suffering. There's nothing wrong with that but I feel like he was using Tate as free therapy. None of it was fair to her. I wish she realized what was happening, but she loved him. I'm glad he found closure and was able to find the beauty in things again, but he did not need to do that to Tate to get there. He's lucky she even stood by his side. That man was making me feel so disgusted. 

Let's talk about the way the flashbacks of Miles and Rachel were written. It was giving Joe form "You" obsessed vibes. The format and the way it's written was uncomfortable and cringe. Ugly Love indeed. 

Ugly Love

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